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Бродвей Руссланд

The sweeper Senior 2000 of Broddway (Sweden), with mechanical selection and direct loading of sweepings to the body of dump-truck is designated for heavy and fast cleaning of major highways and city streets.

Бродвей Руссланд

You get a functional, multipurpose sweepers that you will use for many years. The main reason Bemab G1 is the best-selling model is its mobility on the small territories and low level of noiseа.

Бродвей Руссланд

Leafeaters are comfortable and efficient machines for the maintenance of gardens and parks, cemeteries, lawns and sports fields. They collect leaves, grass (including fresh-cut), moss, pine needles, etc. efficiently, carefully without damaging the lawn.

Бродвей Руссланд

It’s the universal solution for your business! Due to the wide range of hinged equipment Viatrac Aebi VT 450 machines are able to assume sweeping and garbage truck functions, as well as to be a water sprinkler and a snow removal machine throughout the year.

Бродвей Руссланд

This street sweeper is towed by a tractor. The new model of street sweeper Wasa 300+ inherited the best qualities of its well-established predecessor and incorporated the most advanced technologies in sweeper production.

Бродвей Руссланд

G2 satisfies the customer needs in the machine with large body capacity, which is towed by small vehicles and mini-tractors. There was made a number of facilities for optimizing.

Бродвей Руссланд

The multifunction machine with coupled frame and hinged equipment is the best decision for implementation of various utility tasks. Powerful and manoeuvrable, these machines are equipped with the full set of accessories.












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