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The equipment for mechanized beach cleaning

The equipment for beach cleaning BEACH TECH enables both maintain the beaches in suitable condition for the recreation and be concerned about the environment of coastal area. The wide scale and characteristics of towing and self-moving BEACH TECH equipment enable to clean the debris from both the surface of the beach: the size may vary from a volleyball court to beaches 10 km long, and the sand to a depth of 20 cm including a surf zone.

The equipment has a full range of machines: from towed by hand to self-moving machines.  There is a patented conveyor of cleaning technology. It is possible to operate in 3 modes: debris raking from the surface, sand sifting to a depth of 15 cm, combined technology. It removes the costal wet debris, ejected during the surf at the water's edge, and the wet sand.

Бродвей Руссланд

The machine is ideal for cleaning small beaches, children's sandboxes, volleyball courts and other territories. The additional equipment provides its use throughout the year.

Бродвей Руссланд

A new, improved machine Beach Tech Sweepy is ideal for cleaning of small beaches, childrens’s sandboxes, volleyball courts and other territories, it is the effective accessory to the big machines.

Бродвей Руссланд

Marina is noted for its high capacity and mobility. The cross-country machine with all-wheel drive enables to clean the beaches of any relief, move from one beach to another, and collect debris in the water's edge and in the water near the coast.

Бродвей Руссланд

A compact and economic Beach Tech 2000 model is ideally suited for cleaning the beaches of average size. The machine has light-weight and compact construction, it has high maneuverability.

Бродвей Руссланд

The machine is designated for cleaning medium and large-size beaches. The machine has high maneuverability, low level of noise, all-wheel hydraulic drive and its own cooling system.

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