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Installation SR 800, mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ, MAZ and other chassis manufacturers, is designed for the maintenance of asphalt pavements by means of high-quality sealing of pits, potholes, cracks and other damage caused by stone materials and bitumen emulsion.

The work is carried out by one driver-operator.

Installation SR 800 performs the following operating functions:

  • Heating of the emulsion up to the prescribed, operating temperature.
  • Cleaning of the damaged road by the compressed air.
  • Priming with the emulsion of the repairing road.
  • Supply of repair materials. The filler is covered by the emulsion to obtain a high-quality homogeneous mass.
  • The damage is covered with gravel.
  • Supply of materials is carried out by air at high speed, which gives a high density and does not  require any additional sealing.

The drive is driven by the hydraulic engines.
Management is carried out by joysticks which are established by the left and the right side of the driver's seat.

The control buttons of all operating functions are placed on the joysticks: air supply, emulsion and stone material. The control panel includes the switches of verification of the functionality and relevant working aspects: air supply, emulsion and stone material.

  1. Emulsion tank 800 liters
  2. The blowing machine
  3. The auger of the rubble supply
  4. Hydraulic motor of auger drive
  5. Bunker for rubble 4.5 m3.
  6. Reliance of the turning arrow
  7. Arrow
  8. Rod
  9. Operating device
  10. The workplace for the driver-operator

Bitumen tank with the capacity of 800 liters, has a diesel burner with adjustment, maintains the set temperature in the tank and the sensor level in the tank, heating is stopped at a low level of the emulsion. Light oil burner is powered by a converter 24V / 220V. In this case, the burner may work from the network 220V (e.g., a night heater). For heating at night, there is also an electric chuck onto the 2 kW, powered by 220V. Heating control thermostat should set the temperature which is required for operation.

Road Repair Patcher. Better durability of repaired road surfaces. The SR Road Patcher is available in two models designated the SR Road Patcher 800 and the SR Road Patcher 1501. The 800 model can be mounted on a two-axle truck. The 1501 model has a higher capacity and is suitable for trucks with at least three axles.

Six strong cases for the SR Road Patcher:

  1. Superior to other repair methods. Substantially higher efficiency than in traditional repair using hot or cold mixes. The aggregate and bitumen are mixed in hot condition in the machine and are sprayed forcefully into the pothole or crack.
  2. Higher safety. All repair operations are carried out by the driver from his seat in the carrier truck. No person is needed on the pavement.
  3. Better working environment. Exposure to bitumen fumes is extremely low, since the cab protects the driver at all times. The driver is not exposed to high temperatures either.
  4. Good economy. Superior capacity. Minimum material wastage. Operated by one person.
  5. Quick and effective handling. No waiting time or travelling time to and from the asphalt plant. The machine heats and mixes the repair material - the work can be started without waste of time.
  6. Better flexibility. High mobility. Road repair work can be done in any season of the year.

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Quality features are:

Indicators machine:
Capacity for rubble (m³): 4,4
Capacity for bitumen (l): 800
Pump for bitumen (l /m): 60
Compressed air (m³ /m): 11,0

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