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Technical characteristics STRATOS B90
Hopper capacity (m3) 9,0
Moisturing tank (l) 3.000
Additional moistiring tank (l) 3.860
Bare weight 1.556

Spreader STRATOS was designed to remove ice and prevent its formation by the use of dry and moist deicing materials. Extensive use of stainless steel and plastics led to a decrease in costs for repair work, and the equipment is almost maintenance free. Thanks to the compact design of the spreader it may be easily and quickly cleaned. Control system CX is very simple to use, and each function of the spreader may be easily controlled by the driver. Precise measuring and excellent distribution is guaranteed, even with a small distribution width.

Welded constructions, a carrier frame of different sizes, allow adapting the equipment to the length of the platform of carrier chassis. The long and low design provides good handling characteristics. The engine and control elements are arranged in the back of the equipment.

1) The distribution of solid and moistening deicing reagents.
The application system: De-icing reagents by the help of the rubber conveyor belt with ridges move to the special disk system.

Dosage / measuring: Depends on the distributed de-icing reagent, for example:

Granulated 5 to 50 g/m²
Abrasive 20 -150 g/m²
The maximum speed is 50 km/h

The width of the distribution: is adjusted from 3 to 12 m. max., symmetrical, depending on the type of reagents and de-icing application.

Moistening device: liquid is added in various proportions depending on the type of the dry reagent up to 30%.

2) Volume /amount:

Bunker capacity.
Hopper capacity for dry reagents - 6 m³. Hopper with special anti-corrosion protection system.
Welded construction hopper inside and outside.

3) Spreader
Distributable reagents are drawn through the accurate dispensing conveyor belt with V - shaped ridges located on the supporting stainless steel plate at the end of the conveyor belt there is  shredder of big fractions.

The shredder is placed in the critical spot above the conveyor belt in order to prevent salt impactions.

The speed corresponds to the speed of the conveyor belt, operation of spreader plates made of stainless steel and the pump output for a liquid.

All the hydraulic and electronic control parts are located in the separate, protected from moisture and dust control unit.

The specific characteristics of the different types of de-icing reagents are regulated by an automatic control of the speed the conveyor belt and the speed of the spray plate.

The width of the distribution with one disc - from 3 to 12 m, depending on the type of the dispensed reagent and the selected type of distribution.

Adjustable in height spreader plate and launder for supplying deicing reagents are made of stainless steel.

Spreader plate of stainless steel blends materials directly on the plate. Diameter of which is 490 mm.

Unique patented system of double moistening - the granulate is watered with brine on the cone before reaching on a plate, and on distributing plate. So that the mixing of the dry material is even, it helps to achieve maximum efficiency of distribution at low dosage thus saving up to 40% of the reagents.

The picture of the distribution also has no equivalent, because it allows to conduct both symmetric and asymmetric reagent distribution.

4) Protection against corrosion - painting

All equipment is covered by a special high-performance corrosion protection (specially designed for equipment intended for working with de-icing reagents).

The warranty against rust perforation is 15 years. Normative term of the service with timely passing technical service is 20 years.

5) Control system

Spray plate of the distributor is controlled by the central control system by means of the control unit in the driver's cab. The control unit has the ability to switch from a normal distribution of de-icing reagents on the distribution of moistened deicing reagents.

Management has the following functions:

  • Adjusting the spreading width of 3 to 12 m
  • Changing of the spreading symmetry
  • The dosage: 5 - 50 g/m salt, 5 - 50 g/m for moist salt, 40 - 320 g/m for sand mixtures
  • Simulation of speed is up to 30 km / h

6) Method of installation
- in the body of the dump truck or on the chassis of the car

7) The hydraulic drive of the distributor
- Diesel engine Kubota D722-14.6kW

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