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Бродвей Руссланд


Бродвей Руссланд


Бродвей Руссланд


Бродвей Руссланд

The popularity and advantage of equipment leasing consists in long-term financing as well as in tax and depreciation privileges accompanying such purchases.

When expanding or upgrading the fleet, the equipment leasing is a right business decision and competent distribution of expenses over time, which leads to the increase of enterprise capacities without withdrawing current assets.  Investment into permanent assets is a very expensive action, which separates large amount of current assets. However refusal of acquisition costs more expensive, because the price consists in the lost positions in the market.

There are government programs to provide subsidies for small and medium-sized businesses to reimburse part of the leasing payments both initial contribution and monthly payments.  Payment reimbursement is carried out for the sum no more than 200 thousand rubles  under one leasing contract and for the sum no more than 400 thousand rubles on one participant per year.

Equipment acquisition in leasing today is the best way of financing expensive equipment for any form of business. Leasing of special equipment has a number of advantages over the other types of purchase, such as:

  • economy;
  • optimization of VAT and profit tax;
  • no property tax;
  • a profitable amortization factor;
  • it does not raise the borrowed funds;
  • it does not complicate accounting;
  • leasing subject can not be alienated as a result of the economic and financial disputes by court.

In tax accounting, when charging depreciation on leasing property, the accelerated depreciation with determination of coefficient which can’t be more than three, is applied. This enables the enterprise to save money on property tax. The inclusion of costs of the leasing payments enables to reduce taxable income. VAT which is included in every payment under the leasing contract, is accepted to transfer in full. Leasing scheme is extremely convenient for tax minimization and fast updating of the enterprise assets.

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