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Our partners and suppliers

«Enisey - M» LTD, city Krasnoyarsk is one of our reliable partners. It is a successful, dynamic company which offers a wide range of special equipment.

Our suppliers:

  • Aebi Schmidt - is a world leader in deliveries of mechanical street sweeper of high efficiency. The Broddway equipment is perfectly compatible with most models of Russian dump trucks and tractors and it is able to remove up to 1.2 tons of garbage per minute. The Broddway equipment perfectly proved itself while working in Russian conditions. For the last 12 years, the equipment is delivered to the Russian market. There are more than 500 items of Broddway equipment in Russia.
  • Beach Tech (Concern Kassbohrer Gelanderfahrzeug AG - Germany) – is a world leader (80% of the world market) for the production of professional beach-cleaning equipment.  It has patented technologies of cleaning. The equipment has gained an excellent reputation in the Russian market since 2005. Beach-cleaning machines «Beach Tech» work on the beaches of the Black and Azov Seas, the Gulf of Finland, the lake in Kazan.
  • BEMAB (Sweden) – is the manufacturer of high-quality towed mechanical sweeping equipment for cleaning pavements, courtyards, enterprises’ territories. It is compatible with Russian models of tractors. It is delivered to Russia since 2004. Economical price, Swedish quality and low operational expenses do equipment of BEMAB reliable assistant  in vehicle fleet of the enterprises engaged in  sweeping the territories.
  • Falkoping (Sweden) – is a manufacturer of high-quality sand-salt-distributing equipment. It is the market leader in Scandinavia. The equipment is delivered to Russia for 10 years. Modern technologies of Falkoping equipment and their compatibility with Russian tractors and dump trucks afford to achieve high efficiency and economy of reagents.

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