Бродвей Руссланд

Sweepers with wetting of a cleaned surface and direct loading in own bunker or a body of towing dump-truck…


Бродвей Руссланд

Aebi Schmidt is a world market leader in producing the municipal and sweeping equipment. Its use is not only the perfect cleaning, but also your saving...


Бродвей Руссланд

The equipment for beach cleaning BEACH TECH enables both maintain the beaches in suitable condition for the recreation and be concerned about the environment of coastal area.

Бродвей Руссланд
Бродвей Руссланд
Бродвей Руссланд
Бродвей Руссланд

KDM on the basis of KAMAZ 53605 with SCHMIDT equipment

The conveyor - belt, has a protection system from large pieces of reagent on spreading disc.

The speed control is correlated with the speed of the conveyor belt, the spreading plates of stainless steel and the pump for the liquid.


The spreader of the deicing materials STRATOS В 90

Spreader STRATOS was designed to remove ice and prevent its formation by the use of dry and moist deicing materials.

Extensive use of stainless steel and plastics led to a decrease in costs for repair work, and the equipment is almost maintenance free.

Thanks to the compact design of the spreader it may be easily and quickly cleaned.


The machine for pit repairing SR 800

Installation SR 800, mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ, MAZ and other chassis manufacturers, is designed for the maintenance of asphalt pavements by means of high-quality sealing of pits, potholes, cracks and other damage caused by stone materials and bitumen emulsion.

The work is carried out by one driver-operator.


Our company

The company «Broddway Rus» is the official dealer of the German-Swiss Holding AEBI SCHMIDT, which has the exclusive right to sell the equipment of Broddway trademark in the Russian Federation. Nowadays our company delivers a wide variety of sweepers for streets, sidewalks, lawns and other urban territories. We are responsible for continuous service of vehicles delivered to our customers – we provide warranty and post-warranty service; deliver spare parts from a warehouse in St. Petersburg for ALL our machinery.

Our company received the exclusive right to sell German equipment for beach cleaning «Beach Tech», as well as Swedish  trailers for winter road maintenance (scattering of sand, salt and reagents) of trademark «Falkoping».

We deal directly with manufacturers, without intermediaries, providing the minimum prices for imported cars for Russian companies. We carefully choose our manufacturers selecting only the best quality equipment.

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Broddway SENIOR 2000

«Broadway Russland» Ltd. represents the BRODDWAY SENIOR 2000 sweeping machines.

With the beginning of warm season the demand for sweeping machines sharply increases. Today the BRODDWAY SENIOR 2000 are at high demand among sweeping machines for utility and municipal services. Read the material on page 50...

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Let's do business!

We consider your proposals of cooperation, and we are always ready to offer you interesting collaboration!

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Hotline for you!

You can call us at any time in hotline, the call is free of charge.

You can contact the engineers or managers of our company by phone or fax 24 hours a day free of charge. Our staff is ready to answer all your questions quickly and professionally ... 

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Broddway Sweeper Machine

How are we better?

The company not only sells the machines but also maintains the entire range of delivered equipment:

  • 9 years of excellent work
  • wide range of supplied equipment and spare parts
  • certified service and spare parts
  • training of specialists

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· 6 years of excellent work